My name is Barbara.  Despite the fact that I am American, my dearest ambition in life is to be a British grandmother.  Why such specificity? Well, I would love to spend my days constantly baking, drinking tea, and eating scones, and I think no one would be able to criticize that lifestyle if I were a British grandmother.

My husband Kyle and I are both in the military.  We love spending time together in the kitchen cooking up extravagant meals for each other.  I also love to bake.  He is currently deployed, so I started this blog to keep busy while he is gone.  Plus, I have to do more baking than usual now, since I have to send him care packages!  Kyle bought me a fancy camera for Christmas, so I’m also trying to improve on my photography skills, which is hopefully another thing this blog will help me accomplish.

We also have a dog named Sandy who loves to lay in the middle of the kitchen when we are trying to cook.